Best Temperature For White Widow Indoor Cultivation

White widow is a one of a kind marijuana strain ever produced. It is a winner of Cannabis cups due to its quick hitting potent buds. Smoke white widow buds if you want to taste an awesome weed. You will surely find what you are looking for in a marijuana. It is ideal for inexperienced pot growers who want to enjoy their first marijuana growing experience. This indica-sativa combined cannabis can be developed indoors or in an outdoor area. Considering the potency of regular white widow and feminized weed, you may want to grow it indoors to avoid marijuana buds being stolen. The fact that marijuana growing is still illegal in many countries, you might want to consider white widow seeds indoor cultivation.

Indoor growing will help you stay away from the prying eyes of neighbors and authorities. It gives you the benefit of being able to control the marijuana growing environment. From seed germination until the white widow plant undergoes vegetative and flowering time, everything is almost controllable in an indoor set up. You can grow white widow seeds in soil or using hydroponics. Both ways will allow white widow cannabis to produce high yield and potent buds, as long as you have given your plants the right care and all the basic requirements for growth.

There should be proper ventilation inside your grow room for the white widow plants to breathe well. Temperature and humidity must be at the right level to avoid stunting the growth of white widow cannabis. White widow can survive in extreme temperatures but this may slow their growth in the process. You might not get the amount of yield you are expecting from white widow seeds.

The ideal temperature for white widow marijuana growing indoors should be 70-80 degrees Fahrenheit. When temperature goes down within this range, the development of the roots of white widow plants is affected. Temperature above 80 degrees Fahrenheit will give a nice place for pests and molds to grow inside your grow room area. The grow room temperature should be kept in the right level to save your white widow cannabis from growth problems that can affect its yield during harvest time.

Temperature may rise, depending on the artificial light source you are using in the grow room. There is a need for additional circulating fans to provide white widow plants with proper ventilation and to keep the temperature stable during marijuana growing. Make sure that you maintain the right level of temperature as you grow white widow seeds in an indoor setting.