THC Level Of White Widow Seeds

White widow strain is a crossbreed of the sativa Brazilian weed and indica Indian marijuana. It is one of the most famous marijuana strains that many new growers would want to cultivate because it is quite easy to grow and percentage yield of the buds is excellent as compared to other weed strains. THC content of white widow strain is about 20% to 25%, giving you a great high because of the very potent buds. Marijuana strain that can give you as much as 20% THC content will produce an uplifting sense with a warm feeling from the head throughout the body.

White widow marijuana growing becomes one of the favorite pastimes of many experienced growers. More and more new growers are enticed to make white widow seeds as their first choice as they plan to set up their own marijuana grow room. That is for the very main reason that white widow seeds are easy to grow and can give as much as 450 gr/m2 of yield during harvest. It is considered as truly an exceptional type of marijuana strain because of its high THC content. White widow plants can supply you a good harvest with abundance in THC crystals. This strain became popular and award winning because of the large yield and high potent it can give through its big and crystallized THC buds.

The high THC content present in white widow buds is responsible for that overwhelming warm feeling and great high that will make you feel relax and easygoing. White widow is one of those marijuana strains that own high percentage of THC content that most weed users would love to have. If you want to have a good marijuana growing experience, white widow is a must try type of strain that will not fail to give you the best buds and best level of high.