White widow flowering time

Growing white widow outdoors will give you the best benefit of having sunlight as the main and natural light source needed to grow well, produce healthier and powerful buds with a THC content of 20%-25%. However, white widow marijuana growing in a grow room is advantageous since the growth, vegetative phase and flowering time can be controlled. Artificial light source can be adjusted during germination, vegetative and flowering stages of white widow cannabis.

The expected flowering time of white widow is 8 to 9 weeks, which is earlier than other weed strains. Many weed enthusiasts and medical marijuana growers choose to cultivate white widow seeds because potent buds can easily be harvested. This type of strain is also undemanding to grow since it can easily recover from grower’s mistakes like too much water supply and overfeeding with fertilizers.

White widow is best to grow in an indoor setting wherein the environment can be controlled including light hours for vegetative and flowering period. The more light you give to white widow cannabis during the vegetative phase, the faster their growth will be. However, you need to position the light correctly to prevent burning your white widow plants. Do the opposite during the flowering phase of white widow. Supply your white widow plants with more dark hours than light hours.

During flowering time, it is a requirement that white widow plants must receive high level of phosphorus and other trace minerals. There should be no light to boost the size of the white widow buds and increase its potency. Longer dark periods during the flowering time of white widow will speed up its maturity. However, this may reduce your total yield during the harvest.

Keep the right level of humidity and temperature in your grow room area during all stages of marijuana growth, especially during the flowering stage to prevent mold growth that may spoil your whole weed garden. Inspect if the buds are ready to harvest but be careful not to touch those sticky buds to preserve its potency. Touching the ripened buds frequently may cause sticking some of its resinous and THC crystals on your hands, which can affect your total yield during harvest.

Provide your white widow plants the right spectrum and amount of light during its flowering period to increase yield. Do not spray your plants with fertilizers before you will harvest them. Chemicals will be absorbed by the buds you will smoke. Try not to water the white widow cannabis on the day of the harvest so that buds will dry very quickly.